Weight management plans Taunton
Weight management plans Taunton
Weight management plans Taunton

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About Alex Ralph. Nutritionist, Diet Consultant & Life Coach
BEd Hons.  BSYA Nutrition.  NLP Life Coach
I have been working as a Diet and Health Consultant for the last ten years and have gained a wealth of experience working with a large variety of clients, helping to support them turn their lives around to become slimmer, fitter and healthier.

What I discovered, however, was it was not only their diet that they needed advice on but also their ‘mind set’. So many of my clients needed help with their motivation and will power as well as trying to break deep seated negative eating habits which were clearly proving hard to break!

NLP Life Coach
As a result, I have also qualified as an NLP Life Coach, which studies the relationship between how we think and our patterns of behaviour and emotions. NLP is a very powerful management tool that can transform the way people think and act and can have a very positive impact both personally and professionally.
"There is nothing more satisfying than watching a client gain body confidence and blossom before my eyes as they lose weight and become fitter, healthier and happier having arrived with little or no self esteem!"


Alex Ralph dietician Taunton
Alex is a nutritionist & NLP Lifecoach
Alex Ralph nutritianist Taunton
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Don't forget, Alex can help with more than weight loss.
Alex not only deals with effective weight loss but can offer advice & guidance on the following too:
Dietitian Taunton Somerset Digestive problems / IBS
Nutritianist Taunton Somerset CFS/ME/FATIGUE
Taunton Dietitian Managing diabetes
Dietitian Taunton Somerset PMS / depression
Nutritianist Taunton Somerset Arthritis / aches & pains
Taunton Dietitian Lowering blood pressure / Cholesterol
Dietitian Taunton Somerset Increasing Immunity
Nutritianist Taunton Somerset Psoriasis
Taunton Dietitian The menopause
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