Weight management plans Taunton
Weight management plans Taunton
Weight management plans Taunton

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What I can do for you - Programme Options
Choose from the following options – either one or all. It’s up to you!
NLP Life Coaching
To help you achieve your goal!
Diet consutant Taunton

We explore why you haven’t succeeded in losing weight up until now and look at how we can start to break negative patterns of behaviour and habits and give you both the tools and techniques to help you have both the motivation and the will power to stay positive, in order to succeed longterm! We will also discuss how we can fit some form of regular exercise, that you will enjoy, into your busy weekly schedule.

Exercise is excellent for boosting your serotonin levels, which in turn will boost your mood, helping you to stay motivated and focused – as well as getting you fit and toned!

Without a doubt, having a Life Coach working alongside you, will truly help you to stay ‘on track’ and focused in order to reach your goal!

Nutrition and Diet Advice
Your own Personal Tailor Made Diet Plan
Diet consutant Taunton

We look closely at your lifestyle and eating patterns and work together to give you a personal diet plan that will encourage you to eat foods that are more alkaline, will give you optimum nutrition and will also help to balance your hormones. All of these areas will help you to achieve effective weight loss - that will stay off! You will also notice many other health benefits eg. more energy, better mood, improved sleep, clearer skin etc.

The diet plan is easy to follow and is full of nutritious healthy foods, with recipes and meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch and supper incudling healthy low GI snacks that will help your body to work at its optimum and shed the weight naturally.

I also offer professional advice and Diet Plans to help you with Digestive Problems, Fatigue, Diabetes, Menopause, Arthritis, Cholesterol etc. Find out more here.

Final Stages
Diet consutant Taunton These are much shorter sessions and are for us to get together to keep you motivated, answer any questions, touch base and see how you are progressing or if we need to ‘tweak’ a few things in order for you to achieve your goal.

In your final session, now that you will have succeeded in losing the weight and will clearly be feeling so much more body confident , I will arrange for you to have a free appointment with a Personal Shopper, either for an hour (for a special outfit) or a longer session to have advice in helping you to find a ‘new look’ to suit the new more confident you!


"The service I offer is a lifelong investment in you! An invaluable service that will turn your life around and give you the tools you will need for life to become slimmer, fitter, healthier  and happier."

Ring me today. I would love to help you turn your life around!